Indian Ceramics 2015 – Exhibitor Testimonials

Anand Pande, Managing Director, SACMI Impianti India

“Indian Ceramics 2015 is the perfect platform for us to network with our foreign counterparts. Ours is
the biggest company in the ceramics industry, and the response we received during the past few
days was tremendous.”

Bernhard Buntin, Commercial Department, Bernini Impianti

“India is a very important market for us. The challenge is meeting local requirements, including with
regard to India’s energy policy. This year we had some very specific inquiries about our products. The
quality of the visitors was very good.”

Bruno Martinez, Area Sales Manager, esmalglass itaca grupo

“Indian Ceramics 2015 was a well organized event. We were surprised by the number of visitors at
our booth. We will definitely be back again for the next edition of the show.”

Dharmesh Joshi, Associate VP Sales and Service, Eirich India Pvt. Ltd.

“Indian Ceramics is one of the best shows for the Ceramic Industry. The quality of the visitors was
very high. I am very satisfied with Indian Ceramics 2015.”

Dries van Hapert, Managing Director, De Boer Machines Nederland B.V.

“Since MMI India acquired Indian Ceramics, we have witnessed a clear increase in quality from
event to event. Especially for the brick industry in India, switching from manual labor to machines
poses a number of challenges. Indian Ceramics is the most important platform when it comes to
overcoming the challenges facing the heavy clay industry in India. When Indian Ceramics grows, we
grow. This is our show!”

Dr. G. Madhiyazhagan, CEO, Vidres India Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.

“Indian Ceramics 2015 has been very well organized and coordinated. The event creates a platform
where manufacturers and service providers are able to connect with the customers in a much better
way. The fair gave us a chance to communicate with sectors in other countries as well.”

Dr. Chandresh Agarwal, Managing Director, IMERYS Ceramics

“We are very satisfied with the outcome of Indian Ceramics 2015 as there were footfalls of new
customers. Decision-makers are very important for us to generate business, and Indian Ceramics
2015 gave us an opportunity to network with them. The event gives us a platform for showcasing
innovative products. We are happy that people understand our products and respond well to our

François Forgeron, Product Manager Ceramics, Saint Gobain Formula

“This is our third time participating in this fair and we feel that the market is changing. Indian
producers are seeking higher quality now. It is not easy to reach our customers in India due to the
difficult travel conditions. Therefore, this show is a superb opportunity to meet the entire range of our
customers, from top decision-makers to engineers, technicians and commercial directors.”

George Koukas, Commercial Director, SABO S.A. brick & tile

“Our experience at Indian Ceramics 2015 has been good. All the top manufacturers participated in it.
We await the next edition of the show.”

Glynn Dixon, Sales Manager, Craven Fawcett

“MMI India took over the show at the right time. The show keeps getting better. We had a really good
response from high quality visitors. Our machine even made it into the local newspaper. We met all
sorts of competitors. India Ceramics is the premier show for the ceramics industry in India.”

Gian Paolo Crasta, Marketing Manager, Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics (ACIMAC)

“India is a tough but important market for the Italian ceramics machinery industry. And since the
ACIMAC pavilion is now the center of demand, we are proud to be an indispensible part of the Indian
Ceramics Success story”

Hans –Jürgen Hofmann, Sales Manager Ceramics, Amberger Kaolinwerke Eduard Kick GmbH & Co. KG

“This show keeps getting more professional with every edition. The outlook for the industry seems
bright. We have participated in Indian Ceramics more than once, and doing so is worthwhile because
now people know our company and visitors go out of the way to find out about our products. We had
some very productive discussions that continue to help us refine our market strategy.”

Harald Wicht, Sales, Dorst Technologies

“Indian Ceramics 2015 helped us to get new business and make new contacts. This year’s show
benefited our company. We look forward to the next edition of Indian Ceramics.”

Joao Costa, Director, Torrecid India

“Indian Ceramics 2015 was a fantastic opportunity for the Torrecid Group to showcase our
innovations and capture the imagination of the Indian Market.”

K. D. Sanghavi, Managing Director, Interkiln Industries Ltd.

“Indian Ceramics 2015 was a well organized event. We had visitors from foreign countries such as
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Gulf region and Egypt. The most important point is that the visitors we
had at our stall were all decision makers. I think Indian Ceramics is now getting more international
than the previous editions.”

Kamal Kumar, Manager-India Operations, Modena Technology Limited

“This year we noticed more visitors from emerging markets. We are getting to know their needs and
helping to meet their requirements. Indian Ceramics is a great platform for high ranking decisionmakers.”

Kushal Kalasad, National Sales Manager, Verdes

“Indian Ceramics 2015 has been an amazing show. This is where we meet the right customers for the
latest products that we showcase. The quality and international scope of the visitors is very good.”

Natthiev Faivre, Project Manager, Cleia

“Indian Ceramics 2015 was an interesting event, very well organized. Many people came in and it
helped us make new contacts. This year we noticed more visitors from emerging markets.”

Rajshekhar Shettar, Managing Director, Colorobbia India

“We have been regular participants at the Indian Ceramics show. We couldn’t afford to miss the
chance to be part of Indian Ceramics in 2015. This event gives us an opportunity to display and
explain the technical aspects of our products.”

Sebastian Louis, Director, WAB

“This is our first time participating in Indian Ceramics. We are proud to say that Indian Ceramics is the
right platform for connecting with the relevant audience. The reason for our participation is not just to
sell our products, but to acquire knowledge of the market conditions.”

S. N. Mishra, Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute

“The opening ceremony of Indian Ceramics 2015 was well organized. The exhibitor stalls were
unique in their presentation and the ambience was very attractive. The event witnessed great
participation from the industry.”

Queenie Xie, Hestia

“Indian Ceramics 2015 has turned out to be a major event for the ceramics industry. The reason for
participating in the show is to sell our products on the Indian market. Overall, Indian Ceramics 2015
has been a successful event for us. We are very happy with the visitor turnout at the fair.”